Leadership Team

Headmaster:  Mr. F. J. Driscoll B A (Hons)  PGCE  NPQH  CTC Safeguarding

Head of Infants:  Miss. S. Aldridge  B A (Hons) Primary Educ  with QTS

Head of Early Years:  Mrs. J. Conroy BA (Hons) EYP QTS

Administrative Staff

Bursar : Mrs. I. Fitton   

Secretary: Mrs. P. Whitehead                                 

Teaching Staff


Mrs. L. Hainsworth-Walsh   MSc BSc (Hons) NVQ3 Supporting & Teaching & Learning  HLTA    

Reception/Early Years

Mrs. J. Conroy  B A (Hons) EYP QTS –  Curriculum Co-ordinator Art/D.T.

Infant 1 

Miss. S. Aldridge  B A (Hons) Primary Educ with QTS – Head of Infants & SENCO

Infant 2

Mrs.  L. Simmons  B A (Hons) PGCE

Prep.1 (Year 3)

Miss. R. Walker BSc (Hons) QTS – Curriculum Co-ordinator Maths

Prep. 2 (Year 4)

Miss. K. Waters BA (Hons) PGCE – Curriculum Co-ordinator RE & PSHE

Prep. 3 (Year 5)

Mrs. G. Turner  BEd (Hons) CTC – Curriculum Co-ordinator Science

Mrs. L. Fielding BSc (Hons)  PGCE CTC – Curriculum Co-ordinator ICT

Prep. 4 (Year 6)

Mrs. M. Wildman B A (Hons) PGCE  CTC – Curriculum Co-ordinator History

Mrs. K. Cawley BEd (Hons) CTC – Curriculum Co-ordinator English , KS2 Leader

Specialist Teaching Staff

Mrs. H. Harrop  GRINCM – Curriculum Co-ordinator Music

Mr.  A. Greenhow B A (Hons)  Cert Ed, Cert ICT – ICT/Computing Teacher

Mr. P. Conroy BEd  CTC –  Curriculum Co-ordinator P.E. & Games

Mrs. J. Peachey  B A (Hons) PGCE – Curriculum Co-ordinator French

Classroom Assistants

Mrs. K. Wasilewska – Juniors Level 3 Diploma for Children & Young People

Miss. R. Jones BA (Hons) Early Years Education

Peripatetic Staff


Mrs. H. Harrop (Piano, Flute, Oboe, Recorder) –  Grad. of Royal Northern College of Music

Ms. B. Reynolds (Guitar) – Graduate of Royal Northern College of Music

Mrs. V. Chasey (Violin) –  Graduate of Guild Hall School of Music

Mr. A. Dallimore (Trumpet) –  Graduate of Royal Northern College of Music

Extra Curricular Staff

Mr. R. Barraclough – Judo Coach

Mr. A. Marcano – Hockey Coach

Mr. D. Boucher – Tennis Coach

Mr. M. Murphy – Rugby Coach

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs.  M Forster

Mrs.  A. Woodier

Mrs. L. Bauer

Mrs. S. Thornton

Mrs. C. Harding