St Ambrose

St Ambrose has been great. I have loved experiencing things that I had never done before like going on trips to Grasmere, The Pharaoh Museum, Robin wood and Stockport air raid shelter. It has just been great. The teachers have helped me. Everyone has helped me- my friends, everyone. This has been a great school seeing as I have only been here for two years. I have enjoyed every single bit of it. This has been a memory which I will treasure forever with my yearbook and with my mind .
The dinner ladies are so kind. They will help you if you fall over. They will help you to be happy. They will talk about football. They will make jokes. They are just the greatest and I am sure I will be very sad thinking back on the times of friendships. The times I have learnt, the times that I have grown as a person.
Prep 4 A

Stockport air raid shelters

In Prep 4 as a school trip we went to the Stockport air raid shelters, which were used in the Second World War. At the start of the trip we went to Stockport museum which had loads of interesting information. Inside the museum we had the chance to make and taste food that evacuees would have eaten during the Second World War. We had a grated carrot sandwich and also a sugar sandwich. They were ok but I think I’ll stick with ham or cheese!
We then went to the main part of the trip to the air raid shelters. We went down 30 feet into the ground and then we saw what it was like for everyone in the war. We saw the place where the doctors would have worked and where people might have slept.
This was an experience I will never forget.
Prep 4 A

My Best memories of St Ambrose

My Best memories of St Ambrose
I’ve been at this school ever since I was three, and now, in my last few weeks here I’ve decided to recap my favourite memories .
Robinwood Adventure Course –Robin wood was a great experience where we would go on zip wires, solve puzzles, get trapped in pools full of piranhas and try to escape or even a Knight’s Quest. My favourite activity was nightline where we had to do an assault course blindfolded!
Grasmere Residential trip– This was my first night away with all my school mates so it was very exciting. We studied William Wordsworth who lived in Grasmere, and all of his works. We even got to splash in streams and climb hills on the second day, carrying out studies as we went.
Chester Zoo Trip – This trip was in Prep 2 where as part as our Geography studies we went to see the animals at the nearest zoo in Chester.
Making a Parachute out of plastic bags, strong enough, to hold eggs safely– our challenge for this was to make a parachute that could hold eggs and not crack them whilst we dropped our parachute from 5m
Playing Football in the playground or on the field. – I’ve always loved football so this is always a highlight for me.
by Tom Prep 4

My Time at St Ambrose

My favourite things that have happened in ST. Ambrose are:
>My time at Grasmere in Prep three because It was my first time away from home for more than a night in my Ambrose experience. I also loved the country side because I like all the views like the water fall. We also had lots of fun when we went to bed.
>I also liked when the whole school went on the AstroTurf and played bulldog.
>I liked when we went to Robin wood and we stayed overnight we did lots of activities and it was very active. My favourite activity was raft building as I pushed one of my classmates into the freezing lagoon.
James O Prep 4 a

My favourite memory from St Ambrose

My favourite memory from St Ambrose is when we were on the last day of our Grasmere residential trip where we were taken to Tree Top Nets, a net park. It was great there because there was lots to do like climbing, slides and many other enjoyable things.
By Jacob prep 4

Memories of St Ambrose

My favourite thing I ever did at St. Ambrose was…
everything. My teacher told me and I was thinking for two weeks and I couldn’t come up with one thing so I had to say everything (apart from English, Maths and Comprehension! )
by Dylan Prep 4

My favourite memories from St Ambrose

My favourite memories from St Ambrose are from World Book Day when the whole class came in as Umpa Lumpas and our teacher apparently by coincidence came in as Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This was very funny as all the teachers were surprised by this because no one apart from us had any idea what so ever. After this we had a book exchange where I also got a new book.

Tom Prep4 A

My favourite thing at St Ambrose

My favourite thing at St Ambrose that I’ve done is the nets when we went to Grasmere because I loved playing tig with my friends and sliding down the slides.
By Jack Prep 4


We went to Robin Wood at 9:30am on Wednesday the 9th of May. The journey took about an hour in the bus and we had three days of fun ahead of us since we were due to leave on the 11th of May at 1:30pm. When we arrived we were sorted into groups and rooms. I was in giraffes and avalanches. After a big walk up a hill we sorted out our bedding and bags and put them in our rooms. We started activities – I did climbing and it was very eventful and everyone had a job as if you weren’t climbing then you were belaying and you had to make sure the climber was safe. After climbing we did trapeze where you had to make a leap of faith to try and grab the bar and then we did what our instructor called the ‘bum down challenge’ were you had to sit on your bottom directly without your feet touching the floor. We had an anchor and belayers in this so you were extra safe as you started descending as once you had jumped you couldn’t let go or you would start to fall about ten feet. It got even harder when we made the leap 1m 75cm. The third and final activity of the day was a mental activity as it would test your problem solving ability’s and you had to escape the dungeon of doom. In the second part of this test of mental ability was to see how you could do on the clock trying to escape the dungeon like in the real dilemma, like you were trapped in the dungeon. There were four challenges – to make structures, to test your maths ability, to test your team work and to test your carefulness. We then got to have hot chocolate and biscuits during team challenge.
The second day of Robin Wood we did zip wire. We played rock, paper, scissors and who could do the weirdest dance. It was a great three days!
Luke Prep 4


On Wednesday 9th May Prep 4 went to Robinwood for 3 days. We set off at about 9:30am and arrived at about 11:00am. We were put in groups and with leaders. I was in Waterfall with Rienk the head leader. He was very funny. We had a long walk up to the manor, but we got there eventually.
When we got there, we were in our rooms and made our beds and had lunch. We had lots of activities – my favourite being the zipwires just because of the speed. We also did caving and trapeze which were very fun.
The second day we got up and had breakfast and began the day. This was my favourite day because we did piranha pool, giant swing and archery – they were great. We also did rock climbing and nightline.
Sadly this was the last day, but we still had fun. We did canoeing and raft building which was great fun because Cameron and I capsized the raft! We also got to jump in at the end. Now we had to go home and I thought that Robinwood was really fun and I would highly recommend it for any age. I would recommend it because the activities are very fun and adults would enjoy them.
I learnt that when people are strapped on to the harness, you need people to belay, which is when you hold on to the rope attached to the harness so they do not fall. I also over came a fear of claustrophobia, during the caving.
Jacob Prep 4