My Best memories of St Ambrose

My Best memories of St Ambrose
I’ve been at this school ever since I was three, and now, in my last few weeks here I’ve decided to recap my favourite memories .
Robinwood Adventure Course –Robin wood was a great experience where we would go on zip wires, solve puzzles, get trapped in pools full of piranhas and try to escape or even a Knight’s Quest. My favourite activity was nightline where we had to do an assault course blindfolded!
Grasmere Residential trip– This was my first night away with all my school mates so it was very exciting. We studied William Wordsworth who lived in Grasmere, and all of his works. We even got to splash in streams and climb hills on the second day, carrying out studies as we went.
Chester Zoo Trip – This trip was in Prep 2 where as part as our Geography studies we went to see the animals at the nearest zoo in Chester.
Making a Parachute out of plastic bags, strong enough, to hold eggs safely– our challenge for this was to make a parachute that could hold eggs and not crack them whilst we dropped our parachute from 5m
Playing Football in the playground or on the field. – I’ve always loved football so this is always a highlight for me.
by Tom Prep 4