Age 3-4 Yrs

Our pre-prep class is a perfect start to your child’s education and has a maximum class size of 16, 3 and 4 year old children. Within the pre-prep class we have highly qualified and experienced staff who offer a lovely stimulating learning environment for the pupils in their care. The Early Years staff are well aware how children learn best and offer lots of different opportunities to ensure learning takes place. They work closely with each other to ensure activities are well planned, differentiated to help each individual child can reach their full potential. We offer a more structured and formal education as well as fantastic indoor and outdoor resources to enhance the children’s learning. The children will be taught in different ways including teacher led, small groups, one-to-one and child led activities dependent upon what is being taught.

Continuous Provision

The purpose of and effective continuous provision is to offer the children a constant environment that is safe for them to explore whilst challenging their learning. The children are able to access continuous provision in the Pre-prep, Reception and the outdoor area. We have a fantastic range of resources to support the children in all areas of their learning. In the Pre-prep the areas are set up and linked to the current learning topic. The areas are changed often and sometimes on a daily basis in line with the children’s interests and to develop the children’s learning further.


We follow ‘The Way the Truth and the Life’ scheme of work, where the children will listen to various stories about Jesus and relate these to everyday life e.g. how they can be kind to one another and how to look after their environment.


The children are introduced to letters and sounds through fun activities including the use of puppets, songs and games. When they are ready they will be introduced to the reading scheme, initially this will be retelling stories through picture books and then they will be introduced to reading books with words. They will be encouraged to start writing through various mark making activities including making patterns in sand, glitter etc… When they are ready they will be encouraged to write their name using the correct letter formation.

During carpet / story time the children will be encouraged to take turns in speaking and listening activities with adults and their peers. Each week a child will be chosen to take home the ‘special’ class puppet and inform the class what the puppet did with them during the weekend.


The children have lots of opportunities during carpet time and in their indoor and outdoor play to develop all aspects of Mathematics and the number system. These will include counting skills, sorting activities, number and shape recognition. All activities are offered in an engaging and interactive style including songs, nursery rhymes, puppets and games.


The children have access to the Interactive Whiteboard within the Pre-prep and Reception classroom where they can develop mouse control and interact with age appropriate software. They also have access to the computer suite to further develop their computing skills. We also have various remote control toys, programmable toys, cameras and walky talkies which can be used indoors or out!


Through theme based topics the children learn various science concepts through their play. For example, investigating floating and sinking through water play, observing seasonal changes through walks in the extended school grounds and looking at changes in media and materials through model making and baking.


The children are taught by our specialist PE teachers twice weekly.


The children are taught by our specialist music teacher twice weekly.

Over the Pre-prep year the children take part in many of the activities the rest of the school do. They attend the infant assemblies initially and then the whole school assembly once a week. They take part in the infant Christmas and Summer concert and they join with the Reception children for the Nativity play, which parents are invited to. They go on the whole school trip to the theatre at Christmas, go for a walk to post their Father Christmas letters and go on the school trip with the Reception class in the summer term.

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