Infant 1

Year 1
Age 5-6 Yrs

During their time in Infant 1, the boys consolidate the values and skills they have learnt in the Reception year, but through a more formal curriculum. Our caring ethos and respect for others is enhanced through our Religion scheme, The Way, The Truth and The Life.  Boys are encouraged to be more responsible in caring for their belongings, and are helped to become increasingly independent.


Our English curriculum covers many aspects of the subject. Reading is done daily, and a wealth of different materials and schemes ensure that boys find reading pleasurable. Writing is also very important in Infant 1. Excellent presentation of work is encouraged in all curriculum areas. This obviously has to be taught, and in Infant 1 boys begin to learn about sizing of letters, differentiating between upper and lower case letters, spacing and orientation. Writing on lined paper for the first time makes this easier.

Writing takes many different forms in Infant 1. We write stories, where we recall traditional tales, or write our own, thinking about characters and settings. We use non-fiction books as a stimulus to help with writing facts, such as about seasons or a Science topic. Poetry is always popular with the boys. They learn to recite, but also write simple poems.

Phonics and spelling patterns are crucial if boys are to succeed in writing independently. Phonics is taught daily focussing on the phonemes and graphemes from Phase 3-5 in ‘Letters and Sounds’. In Infant 1 boys learn a spelling pattern each week, being tested on a Friday. They will then be expected to apply these patterns when writing independently. Extensive and thorough work on phonics helps with both word building when writing, and decoding when reading, so is regarded as being highly important in our English curriculum.


Maths is covered using ‘Inspire Maths’, with supplementary material provided to ensure extensive coverage of the new 2014 curriculum. ‘Inspire Maths’ is built on the proven approach to teaching mathematics in Singapore, recognised globally as one of the most impactful ways to teach and learn maths.

It’s good because…

  • It deepens children’s understanding of maths with lots of problem solving.
  • Every page in the text books has been carefully designed to deepen the children’s understanding
  • Everyone moves through the unit at the same time and children mostly sit in mixed ability groups
  • It develops the children’s mathematical vocabulary as the children must answer in full sentences
  • It encourages the use of resources for all learners and follows the CPA approach – concrete, pictorial, abstract

Each boy records their learning in a practice book. The practice books reinforce the concepts that have been introduced and encourage extensive opportunities for independent practice. This builds fluency through frequent and varied practice leading towards mastery of concepts. Practice books include a variety of questions and word problems (including non-routine) for consolidation, and challenging questions.

The boys practise and consolidate their learning using the online Maths Programme, Mathletics. We log in at least once a week in school and boys can also log in at home to reinforce concepts and earn certificates!

In Infant 1 there is a lot of hard work to do, but it means that playtime is always fun.
Our Infant playground is where imagination runs wild. Watch out for the crocodiles under the trim trail!

Religious Education

We teach Religious Education through the scheme, ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’. Through this, the boys are taught stories about Jesus and his life and are encouraged to think about how they should treat one another. The boy’s are encouraged to relate stories from the Bible to their own lives and portray this through various activities such as role-play, writing and discussion. We also teach other faiths across the school in Multi-Faith weeks that reflect the diverse world in which the children live. The boy’s attend Mass at Holy Angels for special occasions such as the beginning of the school year, Christmas and Easter.


A lot of our Science work is done outdoors! In Autumn we look at the seasons and some of the changes that take place. We look closely at the weather and describe what we notice using our senses…this also links into our writing as we write our own acrostic Autumn poems. In Summer, the boys plant seeds and observe them growing and flowering in our outside area.

We also like carrying out investigations linked to our learning. In the Spring we learn about different materials and their properties. During this time, we get to handle lots of materials and describe them using scientific vocabulary such as transparent, opaque, flexible, absorbent, waterproof etc. To consolidate our learning of this topic and to put our knowledge to the test we carry out an investigation to test the best material for an umbrella. During this investigation we must think about what makes a fair test, making observations, recording our results and finally what our results mean. We always have lots of fun during investigations….especially when water is involved!


The boy’s love learning about the past. We focus on events that have happened within living memory. We look at toys from the past and get to play with different toys. We take note of similarities and differences and try to explain why toys have changed.

We also look at significant people during our Explorers topic. We look at the life of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong and look intotheirachievements. We were able to showcase all we have learnt when leading an assembly for the whole school and parents all about Explorers!

The majority of our History work is cross curricular meaning that we also teach History through Art, Music, Computing and Geography


Geography in Infant 1 focuses on our locality and the United Kingdom. The boys use Atlases and websites such as Google Earth and Google Maps to explore the UK and their local area. The boys are able to use positional language to give directions and learn map symbols to help with their map reading skills. Again, Geography is a subject with many cross curricular links and we try to incorporate Geography into a lot of our lessons.


The boys visit the Computing suite at least once a week for a designated Computing lesson. The boys are taught programming by using the Beebots, coding programs and basic computing skills such as typing and using the mouse to click and drag. The boys also use the Computing Suite to access Mathletics.

Physical Education

The boys have two PE sessions a week with the PE teacher, Mr Conroy. Where possible, the boys take part in out of school activities and competitions such as football at Manchester City’s training ground. The boys also take part in the Infant’s Sports day in the Summer term.


Mrs Harrop, our specialist Music teacher, teaches the boys Music three times a week. The boys also take part in a Christmas and Summer concert which includes singing, acting and the playing of musical instruments.


During the first term, the boys are required to learn spellings relating to the Phonics taught in class. As well as this they are expected to read their reading book each night.

At the start of the Spring term, the boys are set more formal English and Maths homework. The boys are encouraged to research our topics at home and share any additional work they have done.


Reports to parents

Reports are sent to parents in the Spring and Summer Terms. The report gives details of work covered, achievements and offers advice for improvement/continued progress. When reporting to parents, we aim to be factual, specific and refer to past learning. We try to be positive about achievement and may indicate future learning objectives. We reflect the importance of the child in the process so the report can be understood by the pupil at an appropriate stage.


Parent Consultations take place twice during the school year and three times in Prep 3. The meetings are an opportunity to discuss general progress and agreed targets or areas for development. Teachers are also available for informal consultation throughout the year. At the parents evening all books area available for parents. Other information is also given to parents including teacher assessments, test results, comments on classwork and homework. Advice for improvement/continued progress is given when appropriate.

Ongoing assessment of children throughout year to include:

  • Inspire Maths Progress tests.
  • Key words.
  • Spelling tests, including phonic patterns (blends, vowel diagraphs, etc.)

In the Spring and Summer terms the pupils will have formal summative assessments in English and Maths.

  • Rising Stars Progress in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
  • Rising Stars Progress in Reading
  • Rising Stars Progress in Maths

In the Summer term boys will also do.

  • NFER Verbal Reasoning test

Throughout the year there will be ongoing assessment of children with 2 reports for parents Spring and Summer term

Foundation Subjects

In Years 1 and 2, Foundation subjects are given a comment on the Summer reports, with pupils in Year 2 being given a grade. Each subject coordinator has set out assessment criteria in line with the scheme of work identifying what is needed in each year group to gain a: A, B, or C grade.

A Gallery of Infant 1 Work and Activities