Prep 1

Year 3
Age 8-9 Yrs

The focus this year is to settle the boys into life in the Juniors, familiarising them with new routines, responsibilities and developing independent learning. The boys will also begin their preparation for the Trafford Grammar School Entrance Examinations. They will particularly focus on Verbal Reasoning, English and Maths. We have rewards in Prep 1 to encourage hard work and good behaviour. House points are awarded in class to celebrate effort and achievement, the winning house earning a bowling trip at the end of year. In addition to this, badges are awarded in assembly for a ‘star of the week’. This boy will also receive a mention in the newsletter.

Religious Education

Religious Education plays a very important part in the lives of the boys. We follow the ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ curriculum and discuss many aspects of the bible. Boys have regular assemblies with religious focus as well as school Masses. They perform a class assembly once a year for parents and the rest of the school, which often teaches a moral story.


In English this year, boys have lessons in comprehension, creative writing, grammar, verbal reasoning and handwriting. Boys learn to retrieve and deduct information from texts, have a firm knowledge of punctuation and write in many different genre forms. When writing we often use cross curricular links, for example, writing information texts on mini-beasts (Science link) and writing stories about Viking Gods (History link). They also progress to using ink pens when their handwriting is neat enough; they get awarded a ‘Pen Licence’ in assembly.


In Mathematics this year we consolidate number facts, counting forwards and backwards in steps up to 12 from any given number, calculation methods for each of the four number operations and our knowledge of shape and space, particularly their properties and the associated language. Throughout the year, we will focus on measuring and handling data including pictograms, bar charts and Venn diagrams. This knowledge and understanding is then applied to problem solving lessons every week, challenging the boys in practical aspects of maths. They also begin to learn exam technique through mixed mathematic assessment in mental arithmetic and Bond Papers.

The boys in Prep 1 experience a broad curriculum. They are taught by specialist teachers for Music, French, Computing, Swimming and P.E. which allows them to develop their skills further. Boys are also invited to take part in lots of extracurricular clubs during lunchtimes, widening their curriculum and strengthening skills. In Prep 1 there are events/matches for music and sport where the boys can represent the school and display their talents.


Over the year in Science we will be studying magnets, rocks, light and shadow, mini-beasts and how plants grow. In Prep 1 we begin to plan and carry out experiments discussing how to test fairly to answer an investigation question. Boys enjoy predicting outcomes and concluding results. We have a school visitor, Zoo lab, during our study of mini-beasts. They show the boys lots of exciting creatures that they can hold.


During our History lessons this year we will be studying ‘The Vikings’ in depth. The boys learn about where they came from, they research longboats and make their own, know the stories of Viking Gods, they can order the Vikings invasions on a time line and understand how the Vikings have made their mark on Britain today. We often link our Viking topic to our artwork and writing. We also have a school visitor in History – Erik the Viking taught the boys lots of interesting facts and showed them his artefacts.


In Geography boys learn about volcanoes and countries around the world. Boys will learn what the earth is made from and how volcanoes are formed. They will also learn where all the countries are around the world and know characteristics of different countries due to their position on Earth. Boys enjoy being quizzed on countries and their capitals.

Art and Crafts

We cover many different aspects of Art, drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, collage and sculpture work. We study L.S. Lowry. We create our own pictures in the style of Lowry using paint, graphite, sketching pencils and pastels. We also go on a school trip to the Lowry in Salford to do an art workshop. Boys enjoy sewing for using binca and making Christmas candle dishes using clay. Highlighting important times of the year through art is always enjoyable for boys. At Christmas they also have a school trip to the theatre.


During PSHEE lessons Prep 1 enjoy learning about how to be healthy, keep their teeth clean, how to be a good friend and staying safe. They perform a class assembly before Bonfire Night, explaining why we have certain safety precautions.


Reports to parents

Reports are sent to parents in the Spring and Summer Terms. The report gives details of work covered, achievements and offers advice for improvement/continued progress. When reporting to parents, we aim to be factual, specific and refer to past learning. We try to be positive about achievement and may indicate future learning objectives. We reflect the importance of the child in the process so the report can be understood by the pupil at an appropriate stage.


Parent Consultations take place twice during the school year and three times in Prep 3. The meetings are an opportunity to discuss general progress and agreed targets or areas for development. Teachers are also available for informal consultation throughout the year. At the parents evening all books are available for parents. Other information is also given to parents including teacher assessments, test results, comments on classwork and homework. Advice for improvement/continued progress is given when appropriate.

YEAR 2 -5 (Infant 2 – Prep 3)

  • The pupils are continually assessed throughout the year using formative types of assessment, giving the pupil and the teacher information on how they are progressing and developing.
  • Each week the boys will have summative assessments from spelling/tables tests, to on occasions, more formal assessments in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.
  • In the Spring and Summer Terms the pupils will have formal summative tests in English and Maths comprising of:- Rising Stars Progress in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, Rising Stars Progress in Reading and Rising Stars Progress in Maths
  • In the Spring and Summer Terms pupils in Preps 1 and 2 will have formal summative tests in Mathematics comprising of the following elements:- Times Tables
  • In the Summer Term the pupils will have formal summative assessments in English comprising of the following elements:- Verbal Reasoning NFER test

Foundation Subjects

Teachers assess the boys in Preps 1 – 4 twice a year, in all Foundation subjects, giving grades from A – C which are included in Spring and Summer reports. In the Summer report, a comment is added alongside the grade. In Years 1 and 2, Foundation subjects are given a comment on the Summer reports, with pupils in Year 2 being given a grade. Each subject coordinator has set out assessment criteria in line with the scheme of work identifying what is needed in each year group to gain a: A, B, or C grade

A Gallery of Prep 1 Work and Activities