Prep 2

Year 4
Age 8 – 9 Yrs

In Prep 2, the boys enjoy a curriculum which is broad and balanced and one that includes specialist teaching in Music, ICT, PE/Games and French. In Maths and English we continue to build upon the firm foundations established in the lower years ensuring, continuity and progression in their learning.  

We celebrate school life through participating in Mass, class assemblies and school concerts which highlight the skills and talents of our boys. Our aim is to equip all boys with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed for a smooth transition into Prep 3.

In P.H.S.E.E the boys learn about different points of view, recognising feelings, accepting differences and judging people by appearances and resisting pressure. When learning about these topics boys enjoy taking part in role play activities.

The boys continue their work on examination preparation for Grammar Schools, particular emphasis is placed on developing their Verbal, Non Verbal, English and Maths skills, which are required for the entrance exams within Trafford.



In Maths we cover the areas of number, shape and space and data handling all of which also offer problem solving opportunities. Prep 2 took part in a Maths Investigation Day this year learning practically through measuring and going on an angle treasure hunt in the playground.


In English we teach grammar, creative writing, comprehension, spellings and vocabulary. The boys really enjoy the creative elements to the curriculum as they learn about Greek Mythology and Irish Legends. All Grammar targets for Prep 2 are in line with the 2014 National Curriculum and the two together inspire creativity and appreciation of the importance of the English Language.


Our History topic is The Tudors, and one of the highlights of this topic is a visit to The Old Hall at Tatton Park. This trip adds immeasurably to the children’s understanding and enjoyment of their study of this era, particularly as they participate in role play.


In Geography, our annual trip to Chester Zoo enhances the boys understanding and knowledge of the ‘Rainforest’ and allows them to experience and observe at first hand, some of the creatures that have amazed and provoked their curiosity during our studies. The boys also enjoy doing independent research on Amazonian Tribes discussing about whether making contact with the Amazonian Tribes is the right thing to do, this becomes an interesting debate in Prep.2.


Our Science in Prep 2 covers: animals including humans, living things and their habitats, electricity, sound states of matter and scientist and inventors. Our young scientists are encouraged to think, question and interpret both independently and within groups. They know how to conduct experiments, know how to conduct a fair test, they can use a number of variables, and they can display their findings in a graph and draw a conclusion.

Art and Design

In Art and Design Technology, the boys learn to see our world in different ways including through the eyes of famous artists. This includes Holbein as part of our Tudor studies. The boys are encouraged to interpret what they see through their own work and to develop their skills and talents in designing, making, drawing, colour and collage, both in 2D and 3D.


Reports to parents

Reports are sent to parents in the Spring and Summer Terms. The report gives details of work covered, achievements and offers advice for improvement/continued progress. When reporting to parents, we aim to be factual, specific and refer to past learning. We try to be positive about achievement and may indicate future learning objectives. We reflect the importance of the child in the process so the report can be understood by the pupil at an appropriate stage.


Parent Consultations take place twice during the school year and three times in Prep 3. The meetings are an opportunity to discuss general progress and agreed targets or areas for development. Teachers are also available for informal consultation throughout the year. At the parents evening all books are available for parents. Other information is also given to parents including teacher assessments, test results, comments on classwork and homework. Advice for improvement/continued progress is given when appropriate.

YEAR 2 -5 (Infant 2 – Prep 3)

  • The pupils are continually assessed throughout the year using formative types of assessment, giving the pupil and the teacher information on how they are progressing and developing.
  • Each week the boys will have summative assessments from spelling/tables tests, to on occasions, more formal assessments in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.
  • In the Spring and Summer Terms the pupils will have formal summative tests in English and Maths comprising of:- Rising Stars Progress in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, Rising Stars Progress in Reading and Rising Stars Progress in Maths
  • In the Spring and Summer Terms pupils in Preps 1 and 2 will have formal summative tests in Mathematics comprising of the following elements:- Times Tables
  • In the Summer Term the pupils will have formal summative assessments in English comprising of the following elements:- Verbal Reasoning NFER test

Foundation Subjects

Teachers assess the boys in Preps 1 – 4 twice a year, in all Foundation subjects, giving grades from A – C which are included in Spring and Summer reports. In the Summer report, a comment is added alongside the grade. In Years 1 and 2, Foundation subjects are given a comment on the Summer reports, with pupils in Year 2 being given a grade. Each subject coordinator has set out assessment criteria in line with the scheme of work identifying what is needed in each year group to gain a: A, B, or C grade

Religious Studies

Through our Religious Scheme, The Way, The Truth and The Life we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ which is at the heart of our Mission Statement. We explore and examine the Bible, the importance of trusting in God, the Life of Saints and parables. We also celebrate feasts in assemblies and in class that are included in the Liturgical Calendar. In Religious Education we assess the boy’s work and it is graded in order to track their progress. The children will do an assessment after every module and the grade is recorded by their teacher. The boys understand that we must learn from the teachings of Jesus and live the word of God in everything we do.

Every class has a Class Saint, the Saint in Prep 2 is Saint Patrick, and the boys understand that Saints are people who followed in the footsteps of Jesus. They know the story of Saint Patrick and they will enjoy celebrating his Feast Day on the 17th of March later this year.

As this School is an Edmund Rice School, the children will understand the Eight Essential Values of Edmund Rice and how our school is different to other catholic schools. Compassion for those in need is one of the Eight Essentials of Edmund Rice and to demonstrate this Essential, the school makes an annual donation to the children in the Pacakelli Primary School and the Insakka Infant School in Lusaka, Zambia. Prep 2 also keep contact with these children and write to their own pen pal, sharing their daily experiences. This gives the boys a good understanding of the poverty and struggles the Zambian children face and the boys will often say a special pray for their pen pal in class.

In other faiths week we learn about Sikhism, the boys will develop their knowledge on the 5K’s and they will know about the different Guru’s. We teach the boys that it is important to respect other peoples’ beliefs and that as a society we must demonstrate tolerance and acceptance. 

A Gallery of Prep 2 Work and Activities