Prep 4

Year 6
Age 10-11 Yrs

Prep. 4 is an exciting year during which the boys are prepared for their transition to Secondary school.

Entrance exams take priority at the beginning of the year, with extra revision provided. Once these have taken place we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum.

The boys are encouraged to become more independent. They are given opportunities to research and work independently, to develop their creativity and effectively manage their time. These are essential skills for Secondary school.


We give our boys responsibilities throughout the school to develop maturity, encourage team work and to increase their self-confidence. They become prefects, are given various jobs around the school and are viewed as role models by the younger boys. Our Head Boy and Deputies are selected from Prep 4.

The boys participate in many varied activities throughout the year. As part of our PSHEE/Citizenship studies we have a visit from Trafford Magistrates and from the Fire Service. We also take part in the Trafford Bikeability and Crucial Crew schemes organised for Year 6 children throughout the borough. The boys are invited to sing at the Hidden Gem in Manchester for the Advent Service. We enter the National Primary Maths Challenge and the boys participate in the CBS interschool quiz. During Lent the boys produce their Judea Journal in the form of a newspaper.

In the Autumn term our Humanities topics begin with WW11 studied in History and Natural Disasters studied in Geography. The WW11 topic comes to a conclusion with project work in the Summer term, an opportunity for the boys to develop existing skills and learn new ones.

As part of the History topic we visit Stockport Air Raid Shelters and Museum. In school the boys enjoy a ‘Living History Day’. They dress as evacuees, have a wartime lunch and take part in our Wartime Singalong for the local community. The boys also sell cakes which they have made to authentic WW11 recipes, to raise money for charity.

The boys are encouraged to view links with the local community as important and take part in the Christmas Singalong as well as the Advent Service and WW11 Singalong.

In the Summer term the boys enjoy a three day residential trip to Robin Wood outdoor centre in Todmorden.  This gives the boys a chance to develop their team building skills and engage in activities which may be new to them, so developing self-confidence and a zest for the future.

The culmination of our year is the Leavers’ Mass. This gives us an opportunity to say ‘goodbye’ to our boys. It is an emotional experience for all concerned.

Our boys leave us having grown in confidence across all areas and being well equipped to face the challenges of Secondary school life.


Reports to parents

Reports are sent to parents in the Spring and Summer Terms. The report gives details of work covered, achievements and offers advice for improvement/continued progress. When reporting to parents, we aim to be factual, specific and refer to past learning. We try to be positive about achievement and may indicate future learning objectives. We reflect the importance of the child in the process so the report can be understood by the pupil at an appropriate stage.


Parent Consultations take place twice during the school year. The meetings are an opportunity to discuss general progress and agreed targets or areas for development. Teachers are also available for informal consultation throughout the year. At the parents evening all books are available for parents. Other information is also given to parents including teacher assessments, test results, comments on classwork and homework. Advice for improvement/continued progress is given when appropriate.

YEAR 6 (Prep 4)

  • The pupils are continually assessed throughout the year using formative types of assessment, giving the pupil and the teacher information on how they are progressing and developing.
  • Each week the boys will have summative assessments from spelling/tables tests, to on occasions, more formal assessments in English and Maths.
  • In the Spring and Summer Terms the pupils will have formal summative tests in English and Maths comprising of:- Rising Stars Progress in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, Rising Stars Progress in Reading and Rising Stars Progress in Maths.

Foundation Subjects

Teachers assess the boys in Preps 1 – 4 twice a year, in all Foundation subjects, giving grades from A – C which are included in Spring and Summer reports. In the Summer report, a comment is added alongside the grade. In Years 1 and 2, Foundation subjects are given a comment on the Summer reports, with pupils in Year 2 being given a grade. Each subject coordinator has set out assessment criteria in line with the scheme of work identifying what is needed in each year group to gain a: A, B, or C grade

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