French Department

All Juniors

All Junior classes at St Ambrose have one 40 minute French lesson per week, taught by a specialist French Teacher. We are committed to the principle that learning another language is appropriate for all children, whatever their ability or special needs. We believe that many children really enjoy learning to speak another language and that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the faster an understanding is achieved.

Pupils are introduced to many everyday words and phrases. They learn to greet one another in French and to have simple conversations. Many topics are covered over the four years, providing pupils with a secure bank of vocabulary and enabling them to move on to secondary education, confident in their grasp of French. In addition they learn about French culture, history and traditions.

A variety of teaching strategies are used and pupils are encouraged to engage actively in their learning through IT, songs, role play and mime. Above all we aim to ensure that the lessons are interesting varied and fun!

Infant French

At Saint Ambrose we recognise that a second language is a gift and we want to share this gift with our boys. In addition, we know that research shows that early childhood is the optimum time to learn a second language. It has been proven that learning a second language in early childhood gives the child the best possible chance of native fluency.

The Infants have a weekly French lesson where they participate in singing traditional French songs, reading French nursery rhymes, playing games and doing role play activities. French language learning in the Infant Department puts emphasis on the boys’ oral and listening skills. The Infants’ approach to language learning is informal and the boys are encouraged to engage in conversational French throughout the lesson. Thus making a comfortable and relaxed learning environment for the children. Additionally, these lessons are culture enriching as the children open their eyes to the traditions, customs and festivals in France. Their performance in lessons are monitored and feedback is given to class teachers. Giving the boys this head start of language learning in the Infants ensures that they will feel prepared and promotes the smooth transition into the Junior French lessons.

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