St Ambrose

St Ambrose has been great. I have loved experiencing things that I had never done before like going on trips to Grasmere, The Pharaoh Museum, Robin wood and Stockport air raid shelter. It has just been great. The teachers have helped me. Everyone has helped me- my friends, everyone. This has been a great school seeing as I have only been here for two years. I have enjoyed every single bit of it. This has been a memory which I will treasure forever with my yearbook and with my mind .
The dinner ladies are so kind. They will help you if you fall over. They will help you to be happy. They will talk about football. They will make jokes. They are just the greatest and I am sure I will be very sad thinking back on the times of friendships. The times I have learnt, the times that I have grown as a person.
Prep 4 A